What is Conversion?

Conversion is the process of converting your website’s traffic into leads. Every business wants to have more traffic to their website, but it is much more effective to have higher conversion rates. Conversion rate is calculated simply by dividing the number of clients that contact your business through your website, by the total number of visitors your website receives.

Surely, 500 visitors a day is great for many businesses, but if only 1 of those visitors actually reaches out to your business, then your conversion rate is low. Wouldn’t you rather have 5 visitors per every 100 contact your business?

Call to Action
One effective means of increasing conversion rates is to focus your website’s design on cleverly placed “Call to Actions” or CTA’s. A CTA is a way of enticing your visitor to take some action, such as: email the company, call the company, get directions. The more visitors your website can get to take those, the better your website is working. In addition to CTA’s, there are numerous other strategies for increasing these conversion rates. Design is another one of those important factors that increases conversion rates.

The design of your website is paramount to increasing conversion. While there are plenty of “do it yourself” tools for web design out there (don’t use them if you really want to establish your business as a serious brand), none of them compare to the results a seasoned web designer produces through execution of a carefully planned design. Focusing the design on the most important elements, and pieces of information is a sure way to increase the level of conversion on a site throughout.

The words on your site are vital to successful conversion as well, and we’ll show you why. The longer a visitor stays on your site, the better. When a visitor stays on your website for longer, a few things happen. First of all, their chance of buying your offering or contacting you increases, and secondly, the more information a visitor can get from your website, the more valuable you are to them. The more valuable you are to them, the more likely the customer will come back. The more likely they will remember you. The more likely they will buy from you again in the future.

Conversion is Marketing
Marketing is said to be an organized offering to a certain market of potential buyers. What is a website other than a mere marketing feature of a brand? In today’s modern world, websites have become more and prevalent, to the point that they have replaced brick and mortar stores entirely. You wouldn’t set up a store front randomly without thinking about optimizing the customer’s experience, and you shouldn’t do it with your website either. Think of your site in terms of how your customers will walk into your store and see what you have to offer, and how to make yourself available to open up lines of communication.

Whether it’s perfectly placed CTA’s or just an overall fluid design, the different pieces should work together harmoniously so that the visitor has a great user experience (UX) The UX is the arguably the most important aspect of a website, and it should never be overshadowed to try and increase conversions. Too many calls to action, and conversion will go down because of a poor design that can feel overly assertive. Finding the right balance between photos, text, and interaction is needed for conversion to happen organically. Think of a way your business can highlight one of its most important offerings, describe the best benefits of that offering in as few words as possible. Then ask your visitor for something in return: Contact us Today!